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16th August 2013

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tx-latino1 said: How did u get into it? Im trying to get my husband to let me peg him... Hehe

We pretty much developed an interest at the same time. My wife and I both love to read and found lots of stories with femdom themes. Of course strapons were often used in these stories. We shopped at tower records a lot, and they had a huge magazine section and carried all sorts of alternative mags. So there were plenty of them about domination. The whole look of a dominatrix was appealing, so it all tied in together.

Many men have the whole macho thing going and don’t want to appear gay or weak, especially to their girlfriends or wives. It’s funny but most guys don’t realize that it’s that same insecurity that makes them look…weak. 😝

So I hate to say that you have to coax him, but that’s what it comes down to. You have to start out small, use a finger during a blowjob. Graduate to a small vibe and then a little bit bigger. Don’t tell him your going larger, just do it.

I also suggest that for the first few times that you don’t make him come while doing it. He’ll like it, but stop before he comes and have him fuck you. He won’t have the post-orgasm blues about it.

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